What Are the Best Backlinks to Rank Your Website?

In todays blog post we’re going to take a look at backlinks, and how to find the BEST places to get backlinks from so that you can rank your website higher in Google.

But first of all – What websites provide us with the best backlinks?

The answer is quite simple, and makes a lot of sense. The best websites to get a backlink from are the websites that are already ranking at the top of Google for the keyword(s) that you want to rank for.

I guess it’s not rocket science, right?

Google are ranking those websites because they deem them the most valuable in terms of content and authority for “those” keywords. Therefore, we’re utilizing Googles OWN algorithm to help us find the best websites.

So, getting a backlink from those top ranked websites / pages will not only provide you with the most relevant, juiciest backlinks, but also with backlinks that can send you actual traffic – which is what backlinks are supposed to be about – sending people from one website or page to another.

How to find out which websites offer backlinks

There is one particular problem though, and that is that many of these top ranked websites won’t ‘freely’ offer backlinks.

So, what can we do about it.

We can do the next best thing by using this same ‘concept’ but narrowing the search results down to find websites that do offer backlinks.

This way we’re still using Google’s ranking algorithm to tell us which are the best, most relevant websites – but this time we’re filtering their results so that they will only show us websites that we can publish a backlink on.

Here’s how to do it

Let’s say we want to rank a website for the keyword “boiler installation”. This could even be a localized keyword such as “boiler installation newcastle”.

We can search Google to find websites that are relevant to ‘boiler installation’ but that also allows either ‘business directory listings’ or ‘guest posts’.

Although there are MANY different search phrases you can use, I’m going to reveal just a couple of examples for the sake of this post.

Here’s one.

This particular search will return many different websites that are related to ‘boiler installation’ but that also allows you to add a business listing.

Many of these listings are FREE and often provide you with a DOFOLLOW backlink, not to mention ‘citations’ – both of which can help you to rank higher in Google.

Here’s another example, but this time to find ‘guest post’ opportunities.

As you can see, these websites allow you to submit guest posts and in return, you’ll gain authority, and also a backlink (and direct traffic).

It really is that simple! You just need to be creative with your ‘search phrases’ and invest some time in obtaining these quality backlinks.

Google will reward you by ranking your website higher and sending you more visitors.

This is also a great service to offer to local businesses or clients.

I have actually developed a NEW “Local SEO Software” that will help you to find these types of backlinks (plus more).

But more on that later – Hopefully in the coming weeks! It’ll be released soon.

A Quick Heads Up….

I have ALSO been developing a brand-new SEO software that I plan to release later next month (May). I’m super excited about this!

Stay tuned as I’ll be offering my customers, subscribers and blog readers a fantastic deal (and early access to it).

To your success!

Andy Black

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