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Hey there, if you sometimes wake up on a morning and dread the day ahead of you then this blog is for you.  Whether you are sick of working a day job, having a boss preach to you or are tired of negative people dragging you down then I am here to help you.

My name is Andy Black and I am a full time internet marketer, software developer, and online entrepreneur.

From the age of 15 I knew there was more to life than settling for second best.  Settling for a mediocre job, working 9-5pm, plus weekends… and essentially selling your life one hour at a time for peanuts.

When you earn a living you are exchanging your very limited time on this planet for money.  So isn’t it better and more rewarding if you are exchanging your time for the RIGHT money, and doing something you actually enjoy… or even love?

I’ll be using this blog as a platform to share case studies and tactics related to making money online.  Because folks… The internet is a HUGE, thriving platform that anyone can jump into and earn a living from.  If not more!

However, this blog isn’t just about making money online, it is about mindset, positivity and success.  Over recent years I have discovered lots of things and situations that hinder your success and happiness.  Situations in fact that affect most people yet those people get caught up in it and do nothing to change it.  That is what this blog is about.  It is about my personal journey and throughout this “blogging” adventure I want to share my own experiences and findings with you.  Real findings that have had a massive impact on my life as a whole and particularly my success so far.

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Thanks for finding my blog and remember, CHANGE is only one decision away.

To health, happiness and success.

Andy Black