The Scarcity Mindset – Are You Thinking Big Enough?

Do you ever wonder why some people have nothing whilst others are sat on a mountain of cash and are living the dream? Well, I appreciate that there are various circumstances that can give some an advantage over others but in most cases there is no excuse for not being successful and living the kind of life you desire.  The key difference between these two types of people is their “Mindset”.  The question is, are you thinking BIG enough?

Some fish grow in relation to the size of the tank they are in… and some plants grow larger and taller when they are taken out of a small plant pot and placed into a larger one.  Yes, those were analogies but very fitting ones.  You see, when you rid yourself of the scarcity mindset and think BIGGER you will become more successful.

This is also knowthinking big and the scarcity mindsetn as “Limited Beliefs”.  If you believe you can only earn up to a certain amount of money per year then guess what… It’s very likely that’s the most you will earn.  Your mindset is a very powerful tool and if you don’t expand your mindset to bigger opportunities and possibilities you will subconsciously limit your ability to grow and prosper.

I myself used to have a scarcity mindset.  I used to dream of being able to earn a few thousand dollars per month online and as a result of that I subconsciously followed a path that eventually gave me that.  In hindsight though why didn’t I dream of earning multiple times that? Why did I just focus on earning a few thousand per month? The reason was my mindset at the time.  I never thought it was possible for me to achieve that and as a result it stumped my financial growth.

When you open your mind to bigger goals and a wider vision you are increasing the size of your “Fish Tank”.  Financially speaking money is all around us.  It changes hands each and every day and the world that we live on is essentially a large pie of money.  The question is – How big a slice of that pie are you going to take? Most people think that money is hard to come by and it is that exact limited mindset that prevents them from tapping into this pie of money and getting more for themselves.

When you understand and “accept” that money and opportunities are around you all the time your goals and vision will grow and you will finally open yourself up for bigger and better things.

Why settle for less when you can have so much more? It’s just a case of creating a big vision and then taking actionable steps to turn that vision into a reality.


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