Cutting Out Negativity

cutting out negativityThe subject of “Negativity” is one I felt I wanted to talk about first on my blog.  The reason for this is because negativity will suck the life force from you and really stump the progress of being able to lead a happy, successful life.

Negativity breeds negativity like laughter breeds laughter.  This actually relates to an old analogy – “You are what you eat”.  If you eat rubbish you will feel like rubbish.  The same rule of thumb applies to both negativity and positivity.  Surround yourself with happy, positive, successful people and you yourself are more likely to be happy, positive and successful.  Alternatively, if you surround yourself with negative people then they will drain any positivity you have and drag you down.  They will stop you progressing in your life and hinder your chances of success.  That is a fact.

When I was a child I wasn’t the most confident of people.  People around me made me feel that I wasn’t worthy or that other people were more capable than I was.  I’m not suggesting this was intentional but it was how I felt at the time and it engrained in me from a very early age.  I wasn’t confident around girls and more importantly I wasn’t confident in my abilities.  It’s amazing how that kind of feeling can effect you growing up.

As I grew older I started to have ideas, aspirations and a vision for a better life.  Call it a dream or whatever you like.  The problem was that those around me were quick to pull apart my dreams and ideas.  I was made to feel inferior and because of that never pursued anything with confidence.  Whatever you do in life you MUST do with confidence!  If you aren’t confident with what you are doing you have already lost the battle.

Unfortunately, negativity can come from many directions.  Often it can be family and friends.  It’s not easy to cut out family and I’m not suggesting you do but at the very least you need to learn how to put up a barrier against their negativity.  You need to surround yourself in a bubble and keep negativity as far away as possible from you.  As for negative friends and associates… Surrounding yourself by these types of friends and people will impact your life in a negative way.  Instead spend more time with those that are happy and positive.  Those that listen to your goals, show interest and tell you to go for it are the types of people you need to be mixing with.

I’m going to end with a quote that I often see banded around and it is – “Surround yourself with successful people and you too will become successful”.  Never have there been truer words.


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