Measuring Your Success and Happiness Against Others, and WHY Not to do it

Today I felt compelled to sit down and write about something that I see so many people falling into the trap of.

And that is “Measuring their success against other peoples”.

I see this all the time, and at one point in my life, I was the same. To the point it sucked up my confidence, made me feel bitter, and left me wondering WHY everyone was successful and happy, when I wasn’t.

However, if recent years have taught me anything, it’s been HOW to focus on myself, my business, and my happiness, and not to compare myself to others.

If you find yourself always comparing yourself to other people, whether this is friends, family, neighbors, or even business associates – And find that it is affecting you, and your growth as a person – Then keep reading.

Here’s a few reasons WHY you should cut out the noise of other people, stop paying attention to what they’re doing, and focus on what YOU’RE doing.

  1. Worrying about what other people have got, what they’re achieving, or how much of an amazing life they “appear” to have only means you have LESS time to focus on yourself. It consumes your time, and time is one thing you only have so much of. Don’t get distracted by others!
  2. Comparing yourself to others can lead to bitterness, and leave you wondering how THEY manage to have it so good, and you haven’t. This bitterness can lead to a lack of confidence, low self esteem and prevent you from moving forward with your ideas – Not to mention, make you feel unhappy. Stop it! Comparing yourself to others is like comparing a chair with an orange. They both do completely different things, some better than the other, and vice versa… Just like you and other people!
  3. Other peoples lives, success and happiness have ZERO impact on your OWN life, success and happiness. We all have different paths, and are all individuals with our own goals, interests and aspirations. Focus on YOU and enjoy the journey, including the failures. It’s what success is built on!
  4. Smoke and mirrors. What do I mean by “smoke and mirrors”? Half of social media is smoke and mirrors, and if you judged peoples lives by their social media, you would assume they were happy, and successful 100% of the time, and living the kind of life you could only dream of. Stop! It isn’t real. They’re showing the best bits, and not sharing all the bad things going on in their life. Don’t think for one minute that everyone else isn’t dealing with curve balls, hurdles and struggles in life. They are, you just don’t see it! When you realize this your own life won’t look so bad.

So, whether you’re comparing your life, happiness or success against a friend, work colleague, family member, neighbor, or anyone else. Stop it.

The only person you need to compete against in life is yourself, and nobody else.

Focus on yourself, and what you’re doing. Trust me, it will bring balance to your life and you’ll feel a lot better for it when you stop comparing yourself to those that have no impact on your life whatsoever.

If you got some value from this blog post, or can relate to this, then feel free to drop me a comment in the comments section below. It would be great to hear from you.

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To your success!
Andy Black

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