How to Get MORE Visitors From Google / Youtube With Your Existing Rankings

Well, I had 15-20 minutes spare today so thought “Why not write another blog post for my followers”.

So, here it is – And today’s topic is all about getting MORE traffic from your current / existing rankings.

You see, it’s a common misconception that in order to get more visitors to your site from Google you need to…

  1. Get higher rankings.
  2. Get MORE rankings.

And although that is true to “some degree”, as that WILL get you more visitors, it’s not entirely true.

You see, there is something called “click through rate”… often referred to as “CTR”.

This is the number of people who SEE your listing and then CLICK on your listing, compared to those that do NOT click on your listing.

BEFORE focusing on your SEO efforts you should always make sure you’re converting as much of your VISIBILITY into actual CLICKS to your websites, videos or web properties.

Here’s an example so you better understand what I mean…

Let’s say you appear in the Google search results 1,500 times per month (called impressions), and 3% of those searchers who see your listing, click on your result.

That would result in 45 clicks to your site, video or web property.

Now let’s say you improve your title, or video thumbnail image so that it appears more attractive and intriguing, and as a result of that, 8% of those searchers click on your result.

That would mean 120 people would click on your search result, instead of just 45.

That means MORE traffic for the SAME Google Rankings!

(And as a result – your rankings will actually INCREASE! As you’ll get rewarded for that)

Always seek to increase your CTR (click through rate) and not just focus on getting more / better rankings.

Something that Will Help You With this – If You’re Quick

There is a new software that has been recently released called “Thumbnail Blaster” and it helps you with this exact thing – “click through rate”.

You may have already heard about it by now, and may have even got access to it yourself already.

However, if you haven’t and are interested in taking a look at it, then you have until midnight (EDT) today to get a great deal on it.

It’s the last day of the launch offer, and you can SEE WHAT IT DOES HERE.

It’s purely for videos and will help you to get more views for your videos in both Google and Youtube, and it’s well worth taking a look at.

Either way, be sure to word your titles, and design your thumbnail images so they bring you the most clicks possible. Making some small tweaks can sometimes massively increase the number of clicks you receive – So bear that in mind.

Until next time

Andy Black

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