When You Can’t See the Woods for the Tree’s

walking to clear mindHave you ever heard that expression before? When you can’t see the woods for the tree’s.

It refers to being too close or involved with a situation to see it clearly or have clarity.  The reason I wanted to write about this is because I have often being in this situation.  There are times when you can get stuck on a problem and unless you walk away from it you’ll struggle to get enough clarity to “SOLVE” it.

Owning my own software and online marketing business means that I do some “Programming” from time to time.  I don’t need to do this myself but I LIKE to keep my hand in it because I enjoy it SO much.  I enjoy it like a hobby.

However, there have been countless times when I have been stuck on a coding problem.  I have found myself engrossed in a problem for hours, tweaking and testing and going over the same bit of code over and over again.  It’s frustrating as I always felt really close to solving these issues BUT never did until a number of hours had passed.  That’s time wasted that I’ll never get back.

fresh air to de-clutter mindOn one occasion I had such a problem and spent around 6 hours trying to resolve it with ZERO success.  I got angry and frustrated and after a number of attempts I decided to leave my machine and go on a long walk with my dog.  It was a nice sunny day and after about 5 minutes of walking along a quiet walkway my frustration started to subside.  My thoughts became clearer.  I started to ponder on my issue again but this time I wasn’t at my machine with my brain running at 100mph.  I was out walking taking deep breaths and enjoying a more relaxed environment.  Suddenly I came up with the “Solution”.  It almost drifted into place and I knew exactly WHERE I was going wrong and how I could most likely fix it.  I got back home about 30 minutes later, applied my solution and it solved my problem.

From that day it made me realize something.  If you are having a problem working something out or you can’t seem to “Get your head around” a situation then remove yourself from that environment and put your mind in a more relaxed state.  You can’t solve problems when your mind is clogged up and frustrated.  Your brain works much better when you de-clutter it and take yourself away from the problem!

Relaxing thoughts by walkingI hope that you enjoyed this post and got something valuable from it.  These photo’s were taken on “one” of my dog walks.  It’s amazing the ideas and solutions that I come up with when I venture out on these walks with my dog.

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