How to Make Sales on Youtube (From Free, Organic Traffic)

Today I wanted to share something cool with you, and YES, it is to do with “making money online”.

In fact, it’s a method that is easy to apply and costs you nothing except a little bit of your time upfront. And – this is backed up with TWO “real” case studies of mine. It’s not just theory. It’s something I do and I plan on doing a lot more of in the near future.

So, What is this method?

Simply creating videos that offer a demonstration, or end results of a product – And then using Youtube to get visitors to your videos to generate sales. However, there are some golden rules that you need to follow to get the most out of this. The “most” being – converting your visitors into actual buyers.

First of all, let me share a screenshot with you so you can see that I actually do this, and succeed with it.

Recent sales history for just one product where Youtube has generated sales

I have blurred out some parts, obviously to conform to privacy laws, but you get the picture. The sales records where the coupon name “youtube” have been marked with a circle, are ALL from Youtube traffic.

Here’s the thing – These sales are from just ONE video that I published, and where I just recently added a link to a “Youtube Only Offer Page” with a special coupon code.

The traffic and sales are all from Youtube. No ads, or paid traffic.

Andy, what work was involved to generate these sales?

Recording just one video with some minor editing. Then doing a little optimization with the title, description and tags, and uploading it to Youtube. That’s it!

This video continues to bring in visitors and sales. Evergreen sales with NO ADDITIONAL work involved.

To date I have generated 64 Front End sales (plus upgrades) all from this one video, and will continue to see new sales moving forwards.

This coupon has been used 64 times so far

Now that’s pretty good for around 1-hours worth of work, right?

Just very recently I recorded another video for a different software product and sales from Youtube are just starting to come through now.

5 very recent sales from a new video

As you can see this other video has resulted in 5 FE sales (plus possibly upgrade sales too!). All recent, and all from Youtube.

In fact, I have just created a variation of this video and published it so that it targets a different keyword. Hopefully bringing in more sales over time.

This is great Andy, BUT how can I do this?

I appreciate that me sharing some cool, exciting sales stats with you, and then saying – “Thanks for your time guys, cya!” wouldn’t go down too well. So, I’m going to tell you what you need to do in order to replicate this yourself.

FIRSTLY though, I want to point out that this process can be “rinsed” and repeated over and over again. If I have created these sales from just a couple of videos (or so), then how many could I make if I have 20, 50, 100, or even 250+ videos out there? Working for me 24/7 – Even whilst I sleep,

Let that sink in for a moment.

And remember, once you have created and published these videos, you can just let them do their thing – And if you have done a good job with them, the sales will follow.

Below I will break down the process and give you some guidance that you should follow.

Step 1: You need a product to promote. I’m going to keep this blog post purely based on software products as my case studies and PROOF above are software sales.

I’m not saying this won’t work for physical products, or online courses etc, I’m just saying that I’m going to keep this post focused on software sales.

Now you do not need your own software product to use this method. You can sign up to promote a software product as an affiliate.

However, you WILL need access to the product and also a COUPON CODE or some kind of special offer setup by the vendor.

You’ll need access to the software so that you can demonstrate parts of it within your video. This will not only show your visitors that you are using the software yourself, but it will also PRESELL them on the software before they even see a sales page.

You can either BUY the product you want to promote, or you can contact the vendor and find out the possibility of getting review access. Even if it was for a couple of days only – To give you time to record some videos.

You would NEED a coupon code, or some kind of offer for the software so that your visitors would get some kind of discount IF / WHEN they buy through your link.

After all, you don’t want them to watch your video and then buy the product from elsewhere, do you? So, you need to offer them an incentive for them to buy through you.

Step 2: You need to create an engaging video that will show your visitors HOW the software can help solve their problem. This can be done with an ‘over the shoulder’ walk-through of the software, showing them how easy it is to use.

Then back this up with some kind of results – If possible. ie – With this software I have been able to do XXXXX, and he is an example of that.

It’s also good to start the video with a HOOK, so during the opening of your video (first 5-10 seconds) you need to tell them what they are going to learn, discover, and benefits they will receive WHEN they watch all of your video.

You can also include an intro after that HOOK, before leading into the content of your video – And maybe end with an outro (It’s good for branding yourself!)

However, BEFORE the end of your video it is important to include a “Call to Action”. This is of course – Letting them know that they can grab a copy of this software at a special discounted price that you managed to get for them (coupon?!), and they can access this by clicking the link at the top of the description, BELOW the video.

This is important, as you want to get as many of your viewers to click your link and check-out the software that you’re showcasing.

Step 3: All that is left to do now is optimize your video title, description and tags and publish to Youtube, to start getting views and sending people to your offer.

I don’t want this post to turn into a lesson on how to optimize your videos, but keep it all relevant and focused around your keyword “topic”. Be sure to have your link at the very top of your description, following some wording such as: Get $30 off this software HERE

Some interesting stats from this method

Before going into some more “Must Do’s” I wanted to let you know what kind of click-through rate (CTR) and sales conversions rate I have seen using this method.

I worked out some stats last week for BOTH of the videos / case studies mentioned above.

Case Study 1: 35.2% of the people that viewed my video on Youtube clicked through my link in the description to see the sales page.

5.26% of those people who clicked through to see the sales page BOUGHT the software.

Case Study 2: 37.4% of the people that viewed my video on Youtube clicked through my link in the description to see the sales page.

5.71% of those people who clicked through to see the sales page BOUGHT the software.

As you can see, both of these case studies / videos produce similar results. Case study / video #2 brings in more money though as the “offer” is priced higher.

Choosing what keyword to target

This is an important step, and one you must get right. First of all, you do not want to target the product name. We are not trying to find ideal prospects who are looking for THAT particular product.

We are trying to find people who have a specific problem, and that are looking for a suitable solution (A Much BIGGER audience).

Think of keywords such as (just off the top of my head)…

  • how to design a logo for other businesses (Ideal for a logo design software)
  • how to increase social media followers (Ideal for social media growth software)
  • how to write articles for money (Ideal for article writing software)
  • find leads for my business (Ideal for prospecting software)

You can go to and start typing a keyword into the search field to see some suggestions from Google themselves.

So, remember – You need to target people who have a problem that is highly themed around the software you are going to be promoting – And target that keyword (NOT the product name itself).

This is how the concept of this method should roll out…

  1. People are needing a solution to a problem, and go to Youtube (or even Google) and enter a keyword, probably in a similar style to the example keywords I gave above (and yes, you can get your videos to appear in Google too!).
  2. Your result / video shows up and they click to watch your video.
  3. Your video provides great content, great value, and illustrates HOW the software / product you are showcasing can help them.
  4. They see you have a special coupon for them and they click through your link to the sales page.
  5. If they look at the sales page and it confirms it is what they NEED, they buy and you earn a nice commission.

I hope that I have given you some food for thought, along with some actionable steps that you can go and apply yourself to generate some money using Youtube.

Please remember… With this method you do NOT need to invest any money. Youtube is free for all to use, so create an account, setup a channel and start creating useful, valuable videos using the guidance and “outline” given above in this post.

It’s a numbers game so the more videos you create, the more keywords you will rank for, the more views you will get, the more clicks you will generate to sales pages (via YOUR link)….

…. and the MORE sales you will make!

If you enjoyed this post and feel you will get something from it, please drop me a comment BELOW.

Or, if you have any questions and if I am able to help you further by answering them, drop me a comment below.

To your success!

Andy Black

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