How to Get FREE Stuff, and Great Discounts – Ethically

Well, it is a brand-new exciting year, so I thought I’d grab a coffee, sit down at my machine, and share a simple strategy with you.

One that can result in FREE stuff, and discounts. We all like free, right?

In a nutshell – this strategy is based around recording ‘quick’ video reviews for businesses. However, PLEASE NOTE that it’s vital that these reviews are only for businesses and services you have used yourself, and are HAPPY with. This makes is a clean, and ethical strategy.

(For this example – Let’s say there is a local restaurant that you have frequented once or twice and really enjoy their food, and ambience – And would LOVE to get some free meals from them)

So, there are TWO parts to this strategy.

Let’s call this first part – PART A.

With Part A you would grab your mobile phone, or camera and record a short 1-2 minute ‘face to camera’ review video about this restaurants food and services.

This can be done in one take, and doesn’t need to be fancy, or edited down. It just needs to be REAL, from a real person, and come across as sincere. As it should be!

You would then upload it to Youtube, and set the video as ‘Unlisted’. Do not publish it (yet).

You would then get the email address of the restaurant, and email this review video to the owner, and include a message similar to below.

You could also find their Facebook Page too and send the message to their Facebook Message Inbox…

To the restaurant owner,

I was in your restaurant the other night and thought the food and service was exceptional. In fact, I just recorded this review video for you. Feel free to use it how you like…


When I searched for reviews in Google for your restaurant, I noticed that you didn’t have any video reviews showing at all on the first page. Videos stand out really well in the Google search results, and they attract attention.

I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a little exchange with me?!

If you allow my partner and I to visit your restaurant for a free starter, main course, and a couple of free drinks each, I’d get my review video to appear on the first page of Google for you (permanently).

So, when anyone searches for [restaurant name] reviews, my glowing review video will appear right in front of them.

I appreciate that ‘most’ good restaurants can still receive occasional ‘bad’ reviews which can often also appear on Google for all to see (you can’t please everyone, and it’s frustrating). As videos stand out like a ‘sore’ thumb, this video would draw attention away from any negative reviews, if there were any.

Anyway, if you could reply and let me know either way. I’d be happy to do the work. If not, then no worries at all, the video is still yours to use how you wish.

Very best regards


A Fan of Your Restaurant

The message above does three things.

First, it strokes their ego. You’re telling them how amazing their restaurant is. This helps create a rapport with them.

Secondly, you’re giving them a gift. You’ve done something for them, and it’s natural human behavior to return ‘favors’.

Thirdly, you’ve given them a viable proposition by offering them an exchange of services – and also highlighted how valuable YOUR service is.

Exchanging services is also known as a ‘Hook-Up’. Hook-Ups are great as it costs you BOTH less. In this case the food and drinks they would be giving you for free will cost them WAYYY less than the retail price you would pay at their restaurant. On the flip side, what you’d be giving them costs nothing… just a few minutes of your time.

Sound Good?

Ok, now let’s go to PART B

If you receive a reply and the response is a positive one, you move to PART B, which is fulfilling YOUR side of the deal.

This would be optimizing your Youtube video listing so that the video ranks for their restaurant name + review, and then setting the video to PUBLIC so that it indexes in Google and ranks for that keyword.

You might also want to add a custom thumbnail to make it more attractive to the visitor. Create some curiosity – or make it clear that it is a review.

Get in touch with the owner / manager again and ask them to search for the keyword themselves in Google.

They will see your review video on the first page.

All you need to do now is arrange when you and your ‘Plus 1’ can go to the restaurant for your free meal and drink.

Deal done!

Before I sign off for the day, I wanted to point a couple more things out.

Firstly, this can be done with near enough any kind of business. Barbers, take-aways, restaurants, tyre suppliers, mechanic workshops, gyms. Literally anywhere. It doesn’t always have to be FREE… it could be a GOOD discount instead… especially if the item or service you are wanting is expensive.

Secondly, you can use this as POWERED UP lead gen. Once you do a deal like this you’re far more likely to secure more work, or at least get a response from them. How about a new website, or more videos ranked in Google? But maybe next time for different local keywords that can bring them more business.

Ok, time to sign off! Hope you enjoyed this post, and feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to Get FREE Stuff, and Great Discounts – Ethically

  • January 8, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    As usual, Andy has come up with a very interesting article of how to get some freebies for doing a little “work”.

    A strategy that can be applied to a wide variety of businesses. Give it a try out, I certainly will be!

  • January 9, 2019 at 3:46 am

    Awesomeness Andy! I REALLY appreciate this article. I am in the process of building a business as well as building relationships and this is great advice to do both. This strategy is a game changer! Thanks


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