How to Create Content that RANKS Highly for Your Keywords

In this blog post I’m going to share with you some insights that will guide you in the right direction for creating content for your blogs or websites.

When you’re wanting to rank highly in Google for your keywords the best place to turn to for ideas – is Google themselves.

That’s right, if you look in the right places Google will actually provide you with subtle hints that you can utilize when writing your content.

Ok, so here’s what you need to do

Go to Google and search for your target keyword. The keyword you would like to rank for.

Google will serve you the top 10 results for your keyword – Scroll towards the bottom of the search page and you will see keywords that are “Related” to your target keyword.

This is where you can get ideas from so you can build out your content / article with information that Google deems as relevant to your chosen keyword.

See the image below.

So, in the image above you can see suggestions that are related to the keyword “how to stop your dog from barking”.

These are suggestions from Google themselves and they’re actually serving you suggestions that further expand on your keyword – In case you wanted to “dig” a little deeper into the topic.

I have underlined the words that you could use to write content about within your article or blog post.

In the example above you could include information on how to stop your dog barking at night, how to stop your dog barking at a window, how to stop your dog barking at your neighbors, and also stopping them barking using ultrasonic devices.

Google deem these (let’s call them sub-topics) as highly relevant to your keyword and if you write a great article that “answers” these additional questions, you will have a strong piece of content that will stand a better chance of ranking higher in Google

Let’s take a look at another example.

In this second example you could take the words: homemade, pool noodle, and inflatable – As well as Petsmart and Walmart, and include information about those within your article or blog post.

By serving up these search suggestions at the bottom of all / most search results, Google are essentially giving you content ideas.

They’re letting you know what’s relevant to your keyword, and what people are actually searching for that is similar to your keyword.

By creating amazing content that provides information on these suggestions, you’ll be publishing content that is both useful and relevant – and that will naturally answer a lot of questions themed around your target keyword.

As a result – Google will reward you for creating great content by sending more of their users your way.

So, don’t just use guesswork when writing your next article, or creating your next blog post. Let Google themselves tell you what would “interest” and provide real value to your visitors.

If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Alternatively, if you are interested in getting your hands on a little software tool that will help you to create articles, or even retrieve lots of little factual pieces of information that you can use within your content (even if it’s just for some inspiration or to rewrite), then you can check out my own article creation software HERE.

It can be used in so many different ways and is already used by thousands of people around the world to help them create content for their blogs and sites.

To your success

Andy Black

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